About The Cultural Scorecard

There’s a saying that fish don’t know what water is because they’re always surrounded by it. Only if they were able to get outside of the water could that have a real understanding of it. Your company culture is your company’s water. You and your employees are surrounded by it each day. It’s difficult to fully understand and analyze your own culture because you’re immersed in it daily.

There are plenty of articles and examples out there that tell us that company culture matters. It’s no secret.

While it’s great to have so many resources explaining why culture matters, we often don’t get to the next level - so, what? What does that mean for my company? How can I take steps to focus on my company culture to create a place that cultivates a sustainable environment where employees are engaged and my business is better for it?

The culture scorecard exists to bring your company to that next level.

This scorecard assesses your company’s culture. It evaluates your business on the three pillars of strong company culture - articulating the big picture, creating the right environment and cultivating your team.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a culture score broken down within each pillar as well as an overall score. You’ll also receive tips about how you can take steps today to make your company culture stronger.

The culture scorecard will help you see your company culture more clearly and bring a new perspective. It gives you a chance to step back. Our hope is that this new perspective will elevate your ability from just understanding that company culture matters to understanding your company’s unique culture and how you can make it stronger.

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